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Travelzoo Newsroom

Travelzoo has 250 Deal Experts in 25 cities across the globe. With more than 15 years experience in the travel industry we are willing and able to comment on travel trends, destinations and the travel industry at large. We can also conduct surveys using our 27 million subscribers around the world to explore everything from where people want to travel in the coming months to what is the nation’s favorite or least favorite airline. If you are a journalist researching a story and are interested in talking to a Travelzoo spokesperson, or in looking at our recent survey data then please contact us today.

New York,

NEW YORK, October 28, 2014 – When is the last time you took a selfie? According to a new survey conducted by Travelzoo Inc. (NASDAQ: TZOO), a global Internet media company, 86% of Americans polled take at least one selfie per week, with one-third taking three or more selfies per week. The mobile self-portrait phenomenon stretches across borders and over the pond, as 88% of Canadians and 82% of Britons take at least one selfie per week, the survey found. To celebrate the selfie, Travelzoo today launched a search for the best travel selfie with #tzooselfie.

"The selfie is, without a doubt, the most significant change in how we capture our fondest travel memories,” said Chris Loughlin, chief executive officer for Travelzoo. “We want to celebrate this phenomenon and peoples’ adventures by launching the search for the world’s best travel...

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