New York,

Travelzoo Creates Metaverse Division

NEW YORK, March 14, 2022 — Travelzoo® (NASDAQ: TZOO), a global Internet media company that provides exclusive offers and experiences for members, announces the creation of its new Metaverse division and the plan to begin the launch of its Travelzoo META service in April. Travelzoo META is a paid subscription-based service that provides members with exclusive access to the latest and best Metaverse travel experiences. 

Since January, Travelzoo has been building a team of Metaverse travel experience scouts in collaboration with a partner. 

While Travelzoo will not produce Metaverse destinations and experiences itself, it will work with hundreds of creators to make experiences exclusively available to Travelzoo META members. 

 “We believe that Metaverse spaces and its future destinations provide completely new and different experiences that consumers want to see,” said Holger Bartel, Global CEO of Travelzoo. “The Metaverse is disruptive and abundant with lucrative opportunities for innovative companies that are willing to be the first movers.” 

 Travelzoo will continue to publish exclusive real-world travel and lifestyle deals to its 30 million members. 

 The build-up of the new business is expected to be funded from annual membership fees to be paid by Travelzoo META members. 

 Travelzoo plans to host an investor conference call on  April 27 to provide an update.