Our Deal Experts

Stuart Bak, Travelzoo Group Publisher

I’m ultimately responsible for ensuring that Travelzoo’s 4 million UK members receive an unbeatable mix of travel and entertainment deals through the Travelzoo Top 20, Getaways, Newsflash, Local Deals and special email alerts. I can offer tips on how to find the best deals to make the holiday budget stretch further and can comment on current consumer topics and affairs. I can also comment on travel trends like what the up and coming destinations are that will offer people a great experience at an accessible price.

On the bucket list…  I’d still like to see a lot more of my native Scotland, especially the Highlands & Islands. Further afield: Madagascar, Panama and New Zealand.

I always pack: A few paperbacks. Reading a Kindle on the beach is just not cool.

Maire Bonheim, Travelzoo Top 20 and Getaways Publisher

As part of my role as publisher, I work with a team of Deal Experts to find and negotiate amazing travel and hotel deals and share them with our members. We research and test book every single offer to make sure it’s a genuine, strong deal that can’t be found elsewhere. I can provide tips on finding luxury accommodation for less, what to look for when planning a UK escape and insight into how the Travelzoo Top 20 is put together each week.

On the bucket list…Vietnam, Zanzibar, the Scottish highlands and a French cookery trip.

I always pack: As many books as I can carry!

Raphael Giacardi, Travelzoo Cruise Deal Expert

I’ve been with Travelzoo for four years and oversee every cruise deal that we send out to our 4 million UK members. I can provide tips on a range of cruise related topics including when’s the best time to book, what cruise lines to choose and the most popular destinations.

On the bucket list… I’d love to cruise the Galapagos and Antarctica. With regards to land holidays, the Inca Trail is top of my list.

I always pack: Travel washbag. Having queued one too many times in Boots at the airport for the oft-forgotten toothbrush!