Luxury-loving Conservatives and fuel-guzzling Greens

Travelzoo survey reveals the travel tastes of the UK’s main political party supporters

Green Party supporters are the most likely to fly long haul, Ukippers are the biggest sun-worshippers and Lib Dems love a cruise – those are just some of the surprising results revealed in a survey by Travelzoo, the UK's leading online travel deals company.

Travelzoo’s Political and Travel Preferences study polled 2700 UK adults about their travel habits and preferences and then asked them to reveal their political leaning.

Voters might be surprised to discover how much they have in common with political rivals. Supporters of the Conservatives and Scottish National Party (SNP), for example, had strikingly similar tastes when it comes to travel. Over 90% of both parties' supporters said they would prefer to holiday abroad rather than stay in the UK. They were also the most likely to book a luxury holiday over a bargain break.

Where the two parties differ is on how easily they switch off from work; more than one in four Conservative voters admits to checking work emails on holiday while just 8% of SNP supporters would do this.

The study showed that Conservative supporters revert to type, by seeking out luxury and à la carte dining options on holiday, and also highlighted how Green Party supporters are ‘off message’ in their travel habits. Greens are the most likely to book a long-haul destination and are also more likely to hire a car on holiday rather than take a taxi – perhaps not so green after all!

Travelzoo spokesperson Louise Hodges said, “Political leaning definitely has some bearing on the holiday choices UK consumers make. We were very surprised to see that Green Party supporters are the most likely to fly long-haul. Perhaps less surprising was the tourist profile of a typical UKIP supporter, which appears to be that of a sun-loving, bargain-seeking traveller who likes an English breakfast and is more inclined than others to speak English when abroad.”

Key character traits of the five main political party supporters are as follows:


The most organised of the bunch with 71% planning holidays well in advance. They are the most likely to keep their phone on (49%) and to check work emails when on leave but are not great users of social networks when on holiday – only 8% would log in when away.

Liberal Democrats:

The most likely to opt for a cruise holiday (34%). When flying, they are the most likely to opt for a window seat (66%) and over 90% would choose to travel to a destination they haven’t visited before. They are also the biggest coffee drinkers (60%).


The most likely to get the party started in the evening – 39% would get up and dance on holiday rather than sit back and watch others. They prefer the beach to the pool (66%) and are the second biggest lovers of all-inclusive holidays (56%) after UKIP.


The biggest sun lovers of the lot (90%) and the keenest to save when on holiday (59%), which is perhaps why they are also the most likely to holiday without the kids (55%). They like to switch off, as over half (58%) would leave their phones turned off when abroad.

Green Party:

The party you are most likely to find by the pool (83%) and also the most likely to take the hotel toiletries home with them (57%). One in five (20%) would take their children away on holiday with them, making Green Party supporters the most likely jet off on family holidays.

Scottish National Party:

The biggest early birds, with 64% of SNP’s likely to opt for an early night when on holiday. Only 8% would be prepared to check their work emails while away, making them the least likely to work on holiday.

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