Our Media Relations

How Travelzoo can help you with your story:






1.  We are the UK’s top travel and entertainment deals provider (British Travel Awards Winner ): our mission is to be the most trusted source for people seeking travel inspiration and unbeatable deals. We are very selective about which companies we recommend, and we will only send out deals we would book ourselves, or recommend to friends and family. Our best-known publication is the Travelzoo Top 20 – the definitive list of the week’s best travel and entertainment deals published each Wednesday at 11am (GMT). We also publish Local Deals, which feature exclusive restaurants, spas and hotels across the UK.

2.  With over 15 years’ experience, we know the perfect recipe for a great deal: our expertise comes from researching, evaluating and testing each deal before we promote it to our members – we test more than 120,000 deals each year, so finding a good offer is in our DNA.

3.  We have specialists in all areas of travel and entertainment ready to comment: from Shanghai to Barcelona, we have local Deal Experts who can comment and provide tips on the best things to see and do in their area. We also have experts in all types of travel, from short stays in the UK to cruise, ski, solo or family travel.

4.  We know that the way people purchase holidays is changing rapidly: through our UK and global audience surveys, we can offer insights into how consumers are researching, booking and experiencing travel.

5.  We can comment on current issues affecting travel: we work with more than 2000 travel companies and thousands of entertainment providers worldwide, giving our senior management team an informed perspective on emerging trends.

6.  We can offer custom-made research and exclusive content for media partners:  we are happy to work with journalists by providing access to our global audience of 28 million members, tailoring surveys to meet specific media requests and needs. We can also do regional surveys to look at trends across the UK.

7.  We are not afraid: we are passionate about our industry, well informed and hold definitive opinions. For example, Travelzoo has lobbeyed Parliament against the ‘Parent Trap’ of government legislation, taxes and tour-operator price-hiking during school holidays: http://www.travelzoo.com/uk/from-the-deal-experts/fight-summer-holiday-parent-trap-a-message-from-our-md/