Starting this Summer, Travelzoo® Members in Canada will Enjoy Unprecedented Ultra-Low-Cost Airline Option

TORONTO, May 29, 2018—Travelzoo® (TZOO), a global publisher of exclusive offers and experiences for members, believes that 2018 is set to transform the way Canadians live and travel, as the influx of new ultra-low-cost airlines this summer is poised to disrupt the travel landscape. “Adding ultra-low-cost airlines to the Canadian travel market is a turning point in how we think about travel,” says Lara Barlow, General Manager, Canada, of Travelzoo. “This is very good news for Travelzoo members who are always looking for new experiences to enrich their lives.” Travelzoo members are known to go on trips the moment airfares drop.

‘Ultra-low-cost carriers (ULCC)’ is a term coined by the Canadian travel industry to describe value airlines that offer price points at rarely-seen lows. Starting in late June, Canadians will see the arrival of the WestJet-owned Swoop, the independently-owned Jetlines, as well as the expansion of Air Canada’s discount brand Rouge. While service of these new carriers will initially be domestic, both Swoop and Jetlines have plans to expand internationally to destinations such as the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Flights within Canada and departing from Canada have always been notoriously expensive—but this will now change with the arrival of new low prices and many more flight options.

Given this diminished price barrier, ULCCs are widely predicted to finally give Canadians the freedom to travel as frequently as they would like to. An online poll of more than 2,800 Travelzoo members in Canada found that in the past year, the majority (64%) hadn’t planned on flying but changed their mind when they saw a deal on Travelzoo that was too good to pass up. Also, more than half (56%) noted that price was their primary motivator when deciding on flight travel destinations.

Lara Barlow explains: “Price has been such a significant barrier to travel that Canadians will often take extreme measures such as driving hours south of the border to catch a more economical flight from a U.S. airport. No longer do we have to skip a close friend’s wedding, or say no to grandparents’ anniversary, or even turn down an impromptu weekend getaway, simply because of price. In Europe, where ultra-low-cost airlines were pioneered, airfares under $100 are very popular. We expect the same to happen in Canada.”

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