Travelzoo Partners with ‘Lean In’ Non-Profit in Canada to Advance Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

TORONTO, June 30, 2019—Travelzoo® (TZOO), a global publisher of exclusive offers and experiences for members, announced a new partnership with ‘Lean In Canada’ in its continued commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Travelzoo has a strong commitment to leading the industry with regards to advancing gender equality in the workplace. In May 2017, Travelzoo announced it had become the only U.S.-listed company to have 80% of its board seats held by women—the highest female-to-male ratio of any NASDAQ or NYSE-listed company. The landmark news was commemorated with a Gold at the Stevie Awards for Women in Business later that same year. Tod ay, these efforts continue, with the announcement of this partnership with Lean In Canada.

The multi-pronged partnership with Lean in Canada seeks to empower and equip Travelzoo employees across Vancouver and Toronto offices with advanced knowledge and tools to succeed in the workplace. This includes training for employees on topics such as unconscious bias, as well as participation in the Lean In Canada Mentorship Program. Travelzoo will also become the nonprofit’s partner travel supplier as they continue expanding to new cities, such as Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary and Ottawa.

“We are thrilled to partner with Lean In Canada. Gender equality at work continues to be an important issue, and one that we cannot wait to act on. We hope to set the example for the travel industry and encourage our peers to also pursue diversity and inclusion programs for their employees,” notes Lara Barlow, General Manager, Canada, of Travelzoo.“We are proud of Travelzoo’s track record around gender equality, including consistently promoting deserving female employees to senior executive positions, and truly believe that a more diverse workforce leads to diversity of ideas, better decisions, and ultimately, lead to better deals and experiences for our members long-term.” (Sharry’s note: Lara’s quote is too long. Can you make it simpler?)

“At Lean In Canada, we look to partner with organizations that share our values, thus we are particularly excited about partnering with Travelzoo,” says Beverly Altberg, Board President, Lean In Canada. “We love seeing companies that are committed to advancing gender equality in the workplace and look forward to supporting the team at Travelzoo in setting a high bar for the industry.”

“We are proud of Travelzoo’s track record around gender equality, including consistently promoting deserving female employees to executive positions,” notes Barlow. “ A more diverse workforce leads to more diverse thought and diversity of ideasbetter decisionscreativity, and ultimately, this will leadlead to even better travel deals and experiences for our members long-termto experience the world.”.”

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(Sharry’s note: we do not use Ralph’s quote unless it is on board related matters. It is sufficient to use Lara’s quote and a quote from Lean-in. Please close the article with a short paragraph to emphasize the potential benefit for members with this program. E.g.: this will bring more dynamic and vibrant perspectives of viewpoints or thoughts to the brand, as a result, we expect better creativity and etc.. which we plan to leverage to inspire and free our members more to embrace the world. Dose not have to be long. And add one line to call for action: join travelzoo today to support diversity and inclusion around the globe. Or something like that. )Ralph Bartel, Travelzoo's Chairman of the Board, sees the positive influence of focusing on diversity and inclusion in the workplace: "Gender diversity is incredibly important to me and to Travelzoo. I am fortunate to work alongside our female-majority company board, as well as many female executive leaders at Travelzoo, such as our General Managers of Canada and U.S. The benefits of taking a stance to promote diversity are clear–from an 54% increase in average share price in the last two years, to our increased creativity and efficiency, while we work together to pursue even better travel experiences for our members."

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