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Women Get the Short Straw on Christmas Day

- Travelzoo Launches 2013 Failsafe Gift Guide -


Women are given a rough deal at Christmas, according to a recent poll commissioned by Travelzoo, the UK’s top travel and entertainment deals provider.

Traditionally at the heart of the gift buying season, over half (52%) of the women surveyed admitted to re-gifting an unwanted present; with partners being the worst culprits for buying terrible Christmas presents, closely followed by the in-laws.  Toiletries were the most re-gifted present, with 40% of women confessing to saving unwanted smellies for another occasion, perfume, jewellery and candles are also regularly consigned to the gift drawer.

Of the 613 women surveyed, over a quarter said a weekend getaway topped their Christmas wish list, with a book, clothes, appliances and a spa trip also hoped for.  Over a third of men said they wanted to find electronics under the Christmas tree followed by a weekend getaway.

The UK is revealed to be a nation of big spenders. Half of the 1,203 Brits surveyed indicated that they spent between £26 and £100 on a gift for a loved one, with men spending more than women at an average of £80 per gift.  Given that women said their partner usually buys them the worst presents, that’s an expensive mistake to make.  To avoid disappointment on Christmas Day, Travelzoo is launching a 2013 Christmas gift guide. Hotel breaks, spa days, gourmet dining experiences, day trips and ticketed events are just some of the great deals on offer. New for this year, deals in the gift guide can be sent in an elegant gift pack, which comes with instructions on how to book the experience and a personal message in a stylish envelope.


Travelzoo Christmas Gift Guide

Under £30:

  • Shellac manicure or pedicure at the five star Dukes Hotel in Mayfair, £25 – 44% off
  • 18 holes and breakfast for two at Lingfield Park Golf Club, £29 – Save £45

Under £60

  • Boeing 737 flight simulator experience with iPILOT, £54.50 – Half price
  • Three-course dinner and cocktails at Flemings Mayfair, £59 – Save £56
  • North Yorkshire spa day at Feversham Arms, £45 – Save £30

Under £100

  • Getaway for two at a historic Oxfordshire hotel with dinner, £89 – save £76
  • Seven-course Michelin-starred dinner for two in Hampshire, £75 – Half price
  • Yacht-racing experience on the Solent, £69 – 54% off

Hey big spender

  • Bath country-house escape for two in a suite, £129 – Half price
  • Boutique Sussex break for two with dinner, £139 – Save £86

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Heather Rogers, UK general manager Local Deals and Entertainment
“We always offer amazing deals, but for the first time, we have developed a Travelzoo Gift Pack, so our subscribers can add a personal message to their gift and deliver it to family and friends in style. Most importantly, it doesn’t disclose the gift price or the incredible saving the buyer has enjoyed, so this year our subscribers and their loved ones can have a very merry Christmas and look forward to an exciting experience in 2014 with Travelzoo.”
Heather Rogers, UK general manager Local Deals and Entertainment


This survey was carried out by an independent third party, TNS Global. The survey was completed by 1,203 British adults in November 2013.

Fast Christmas gift facts:

Worst Christmas present buyers in order – according to women:

  • Partner
  • In-laws
  • Sibling
  • Parent
  • Friend

Worst Christmas present buyers in order – according to men:

  • In-laws
  • Sibling
  • Parent
  • Friend
  • Partner

Average spend on a loved one:

  • 21% of people spend up to £25
  • 25% of people spend between £26-£30
  • 25% of people spend between £51-£100

Re-gifting presents:

  • 52% of women admit to re-gifting
  • 25% of men admit to re-gifting
  • 35% of people from the north of the UK admit to re-gifting
  • 40-41% of people in the midlands and the south of the UK re-gift
  • 27% of Scottish people re-gift

Top three re-gifted presents

  • Toiletries
  • Perfume/aftershave
  • Clothing

Men’s wish list for Christmas

  • Electronics (37%)
  • Weekend getaway (24%)
  • Book (18%)
  • Clothing (16%)
  • Fine dining experience (11%)

Women’s wish list for Christmas

  • Weekend getaway (27%)
  • Book (24%)
  • Clothing (18%)
  • Spa treatment (16%)
  • Appliances (16%)

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