Women prevail as the savvy holiday spenders

- Travelzoo survey discovers that men and women cannot agree on holiday spending power -

Travelzoo, the UK's top travel and entertainment deals provider, has surveyed 2,000* men and women to find out who’s in charge when it comes to booking their holidays… or at least, who thinks they are.

There is a purse-string battle going on behind closed doors. The recent poll revealed that a quarter of men surveyed believed they took responsibility for finances when booking a holiday, yet just 6% of women surveyed agreed that their partner controlled the holiday piggy bank. In contrast, 37% of women felt they decided the holiday spend and just 9% of men agreed.

When it came to choosing a destination, 24% of men believed they made the final decision compared with 45% of women who believed the decision was actually theirs. Of the men surveyed, 15% conceded that their partners made the decision on where to go, with just 6% of women believing their partner took the lead on deciding where to go.

Additional data** sourced by Travelzoo shows that almost 80% feel that both the deal and destination are important when planning a holiday. When it comes to finding great value breaks and holiday deals, women come out on top. More men agreed that women were better bargain hunters, with 27% of male survey respondents (compared to 9% of women) thinking their partners are better at selecting holidays that offer value for money. Over two thirds of women stated that they were the household’s main savvy shopper. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) on a deal is an increasing concern for couples and a third of Brits admitted to always being on the lookout for vouchers, discounts and online deals with nearly half of those surveyed admitting to booking a deal on the same day. That's a 10% increase on last year. 

Of the men surveyed, more felt that their partners took better care of important travel documentation than they could and women agreed: nearly half said that they were more trusted to look after the passports. Unsurprisingly, nearly 70% of the males surveyed would leave packing a suitcase to their partner. However, women aren’t quite as trusting-a massive 80% said they wouldn’t trust their partner to pack a bag for them. Perhaps more surprising is that nearly one in five females said they would trust their partner to pack the right items for them.

"Our recent survey findings show a mismatch between the sexes in terms of who actually books and who decides on where to go. The data shows that women have a greater influence on the whole holiday process, with larger percentages of men agreeing that their partners decide where to go and how much to spend," comments Travelzoo's UK managing director, Joel Brandon-Bravo.

"It was acknowledged by both sexes that females seem to be better at bargain hunting," he continued. “Our deals aren’t always last minute, so FOMO isn’t something that our subscribers have to worry about.  Also, our Deal Experts do all the research on our savvy subscribers’ behalf, so they don’t have to.  This means you genuinely cannot get a better deal than with Travelzoo. I hope this means that lots of couples, and particularly women, get to spend more time looking forward to their holidays than worrying that they haven’t found the best deal around!”

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* This survey was conducted by Travelzoo on 2021 members in March 2014.

** A second survey was conducted by Travelzoo on 2934 members in February 2014.


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