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More Vacation Options Published by Travelzoo Boost Incremental Trips to Help Address Overcrowding

BERLIN/NEW YORK/SHANGHAI, March 28, 2019—Travelzoo® (NASDAQ: TZOO), a global publisher of exclusive offers and experiences for members, has taken up the call to help overcrowded destinations. Since Travelzoo unveiled its viewpoint at ITB Berlin, the industry has shown increasing support on Travelzoo’s approach to resolve overcrowding by directing demand to less crowded destinations, at a less busy time.

Travelzoo’s publishing of more vacation options and ideas was first launched in Germany and is being rolled out to UK, Spain and France. By combining exclusively negotiated hotel offers from hundreds of selected hotels and real-time flight options Travelzoo provides inspiring, unexpected and irresistible vacation ideas in an easy-to-understand format that directs members to the best times at which to travel to a destination or to explore something new. Since its debut in Europe, Travelzoo has seen encouraging feedback from members and suppliers around the world with millions of dollars in incremental travel.

Experience a fascinating Mallorca in winter

Even though Mallorca is a favorite destination for Europeans, and crowded in summer, the island and its hotels tend to be less busy in winter and early spring. To balance the demand, Travelzoo collaborated with a hotel to propose the almond blossom season (February till April). The deal offered exclusively to Travelzoo members in Germany to visit Mallorca for six days in the off-season at an irresistible price. Travelzoo members booked 6,480 room nights. The hotel’s occupancy rate increased to 87% in February 2019, up from 31% in February 2018. Occupancy rates of hotels in Mallorca in February are typically around 30%.

Exploring the beauty of the Greek peninsula

Greece is a popular travel destination among Travelzoo members and the most visited destinations in Greece are the Greek islands. What’s widely unknown is the beautiful beach in Halkidiki, a region in northern Greece known for its jutting coastline and peninsulas. Travelzoo partnered with a new 5-star hotel in the region to drive up demand during the off-season of February to March. In total 1,650 room nights were sold among Travelzoo members.

Madeira, the unknown jewel

Our European members love to travel to warmer regions in winter when it’s cold and moody in Central Europe. Usually, they flock the Canary Islands, because it’s easy to reach. But so can be Madeira. To promote this less-known new destination, Travelzoo teamed-up with two hotels in Madeira and drove in total of more than 1,550 hotel rooms among its members.

Explore Crete during off-seasons

Again, to promote travel to popular destinations during less busy time of the year, Travelzoo partnered with two hotels in Crete to explore its unique attractions during low season. In total, the two hotels sold 3,560 room nights to Travelzoo members.

"Travelzoo is committed to inspiring our members to explore the world in an alternative and smart way," commented Travelzoo’s Global CEO, Holger Bartel. "As we ease the imbalance between supply and demand in some crowded destinations, the new options are also driving Travelzoo’s growth and financial performance."

In Germany, the new offerings are already contributing over 20% of revenue this quarter, driving double-digit revenue growth year-over-year. 3/3

In the U.S., after a testing period in the 1st quarter of 2019, the increased options will roll out on a larger scale in the next two quarters.

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