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The September Sweet Spot: Why the 9th Month is No. 1 for Travel Deals

Europe, Hawaii, Myrtle Beach and Orlando Offer 60% off Regular Rates

NEW YORK, September 1, 2015 –Timing is everything, especially for travel deals; and September is the best month for deal seekers. Deal Experts at Travelzoo (NASDAQ: TZOO), a global Internet media company, today released their top nine recommendations for travelers to take advantage of September deals and save up to 60% on destinations like Europe, Hawaii, Myrtle Beach and Orlando.

  1. Hop a Flight: In summer, airlines raise prices in July and August due to increased demand. But come fall, the sharp decline in leisure travel forces airlines to drop fares to fill seats. Travelers can expect to pay 25%-50% less on fall flights compared with peak summer dates.
  2. Hit the Beach: Shoulder season – the period between peak summer season and the winter offseason – is the perfect time to visit beach towns like Cape Cod, Hilton Head, Myrtle Beach and the Outer Banks. The crowds are fewer, the weather is still warm and the deals are better. For example, travelers can save up to 60% on Myrtle Beach hotels in September and October.
  3. Check out Orlando: What happens when a destination’s target clientele is stuck in school? Deals – and lots of them. With kids back in school across the country, September is one of the only times travelers can find the rare Disney deal. Orlando hotels offer deals up to 65% off regular rates plus free extras to entice travelers.
  4. Say Aloha to Hawaii: Similar to Orlando, Hawaii also sees a drop in demand from Labor Day to Christmas, resulting in better deals on flights and hotels. United Airlines just launched a fall sale to Hawaii with fares starting at $273 each way – a savings of 27% on regular fares.
  5. Cast Off to the Caribbean: If Hawaii is a bit of a haul, look to the Caribbean for savings. Hurricane season coupled with less demand results in 50% savings for September travel. Travelzoo Tip: Purchase travel insurance just in case Mother Nature throws a curveball on your travel dates.
  6. Climb Every Mountain: If you’re ready to ditch the sun and embrace fall, resorts in Colorado, New Hampshire, Utah and Vermont offer peak fall foliage sightseeing at non-peak prices. Travelers can stay at a “World’s Best Resort” in New Hampshire including a 3-course dinner for two for $179 per night – a 55% savings.
  7. Hop the Pond: While the cheapest time to sightsee through Europe is winter, the best time to hop the pond is September. Shoulder season offers affordable flights, comfortable weather, fewer tourist crowds and strong deals for popular destinations like London, Paris and Rome. And if next month is a little too spontaneous for a European vacation – start planning for 2016 as Travelzoo Deal Experts predict the same seasonal trend.
  8. Cross over to Canada: A weaker dollar plus lower demand makes Canada a perfect place for a budget-friendly getaway. Popular summer destinations like Niagara Falls, Mont Tremblant, Ontario cottage country, Whistler and Prince Edward Island offer savings up to 45% on fall travel.
  9. Avoid Big Cities: While many places offer big savings for September, big cities do not. As business and convention travel picks up after the summer lull, cities such as Chicago, New York and San Francisco see a spike in occupancy rates. Travelers can expect to see rooms go for $300 to $400 per night, compared to lower summer prices that were closer to $200.

"This is a different kind of back-to-school sale. As summer vacations end, savvy travelers should be hitting the road,” said Andrew Young, editorial director for Travelzoo. “Lingering summer weather, smaller crowds and huge savings make September a sweet spot. And while, this is tough advice for parents with school-age kids, those travelers with more flexibility can expect big savings.”

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