Travelzoo Becomes the Only Listed U.S. Company with an 80% Female Board


Travelzoo® (NASDAQ: TZOO) has become the only U.S. company to have 80% of its board of director seats held by women—the highest female-to-male ratio for any NASDAQ or NYSE-listed company. The landmark event was commemorated with a Travelzoo sponsored discussion on June 19 featuring an all-female panel moderated by Tina Brown, C.B.E, founder and CEO of Women in the World Media and creator of the Women in the World Summit. The event and news announcement highlights the ongoing lack of gender diversity within listed companies.

Underscoring the cultural diversity of the company’s board, female Travelzoo board members hail from New York, San Francisco, London and Shanghai. The two new Travelzoo board members, whose recent election brought the ratio to 80%, include Rachel Barnett, based in New York, and Carrie Liu, based in Shanghai. Other existing female board members include Mary Reilly, based in London, and Beatrice Tarka, based in San Francisco.

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