New York,
16:03 PM

Travelzoo to Host Exclusive Live Broadcast from Oktoberfest via Facebook

NEW YORK/MUNICH, September 15, 2017—Global travel deals publisher Travelzoo® (NASDAQ: TZOO) today announced an upcoming live stream bringing the 184th Munich Oktoberfest directly to phones and computers around the world via Facebook. Travelzoo teams from North America and Europe will be on the ground in Munich to share the world’s largest folk festival on September 17 at 1 p.m. ET/7 p.m. local time in Munich, Germany.

The Munich Oktoberfest attracts six million visitors from around the world who converge on the ‘Wiesn’ in Munich’s center every September and October. Travelzoo will be in the center of the action on the second day of the event. The broadcast will include scenes captured from the colorful parade of carriages, floats and marchers in traditional costumes that wind their way through the main streets of Munich on the first Sunday of every Oktoberfest.

Streaming live from the Hofbräu tent, Travelzoo Senior Producer Gabe Saglie will partner with German TV news anchor and Munich local Jochen Sattler, to provide an insider view. Featuring traditional Bavarian outfits, music, as well as some of the secrets of the world-famous beer and food available at Oktoberfest, the event will give travelers around the world another destination for their bucket lists. The Hofbräu company has been brewing beer in Munich since 1589 and has granted Travelzoo exclusive, behind the scenes access to its over 81,000-square-foot tent area, including the hard-working kitchens serving up the traditional weißwurst (sausages), hendl (roast chicken) and kaiserschmarrn (sweet pastry) for which the festival is famed.

“Travelzoo is excited to bring the tradition of the 184th Oktoberfest, including an exclusive peek into the Hofbräu tent, to a global audience. Our Facebook Live event is a unique chance for millions to virtually experience the sights, sounds and tastes of the world’s largest folk festival from wherever they are in the world,” says Mike Stitt, Travelzoo’s President of North America. “As a global company, Travelzoo aims to provide inspiration to all types of travelers, and what better way to inspire wanderlust than to bring an over 200-year-old tradition to life for people all over the world.”

Christian Smart, General Manager, Travelzoo Germany said, “This event is an opportunity for our teams here in Munich to work as part of a global Travelzoo team bringing the legendary Munich Oktoberfest to Travelzoo members around the globe. We are delighted to be able to digitally share a tradition with the world that has been happening in Bavaria since 1810.”