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Vacations Rank No. 1 for Tax Refund Spending

This Year’s Average Tax Refund Buys a One-Week Vacation in Europe

                  NEW YORK, April 14, 2015 – As Americans file taxes this week, a new survey conducted by Travelzoo Inc. (NASDAQ: TZOO), a global Internet media company, reveals that one-third of Americans plan to spend this year’s tax refund on a vacation.

  • 33% plan to spend their refund on a vacation
  • 32% plan to put their refund into savings
  • 31% plan to pay off debt
  • 2% plan to purchase a home
  • 1% plan to go on a clothing shopping spree
  • 1% plan to spend it on gifts for their children

                "Despite the sting of paying taxes, we can at least thank Uncle Sam for sending rebate checks during a great time to find travel deals,” said Gabe Saglie, senior editor for Travelzoo. “Between the end of tax season and the beginning of summer, we see enormous discounts available. In fact due to the strong dollar, this year’s average tax refund is enough for a weeklong trip to Asia or Europe.”

                Savvy travelers who receive the average refund of $2,815 (according to an April 1 IRS report) can afford a luxury vacation to bucket-list destinations this year including:

  • $999 & up -- Ireland: Upscale Castle Stay w/Tours, Car & Air
  • $1499 -- Vietnam 10-Night Escorted Vacation w/Air, $1845 Off
  • $1799 -- Greek Islands 8-Night Vacation w/Air, $1000 Off

                For Americans looking to spread their refund dollars between a vacation and their savings accounts, domestic getaways are great for smaller budgets:

  • $99 -- Florida: St. Augustine 4-Diamond Resort, 50% Off
  • $149 -- NYC: Top-Rated Hotel near SoHo w/Drinks, 50% Off
  • $199 -- Monterey: Romantic Oceanfront Escape, Reg. $286

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